Shopping As My Therapy During MRO

Since the lockdown, my life slowed down. I used to be always on the move, physically and mentally. I loved it. It kept me busy and sane ! I planned my day the night before which was a super motivator to wake up every morning. Then everything changed almost overnight and my mind was struggling to cope with the change.

For someone whose mind is always working on overdrive, it was hard for me to find an “out” until I found unexpected solace in cooking and online shopping.

I find online shopping to be a form of therapy. Retail therapy is not a new concept, but even the online alternative can be exhilarating . Thankfully, essential services such as the courier service is operating as usual. Anytime I order something, I constantly look out for the arrival, and that process of anticipation ironically gives me a sense of calm like something to look forward to.

Frankly, I don’t spend a fortune on shopping in the name of therapy. I just mess around in Zalora, Lazada & Shoppee, focusing on their promotional deals. You never know what you can find ! What’s important is the entire process you go through browsing, comparing, making choices, purchasing and just waiting for it to arrive ! The feeling is the same as a child waiting for a new toy.

Now you tell me how you overcome your lockdown “syndrome”. Lets Share and Care.


Uvanes Vary